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My name is Cassie. I am a film-based hobby photographer from the lovely Ohio. I love making friends. All of the photographs that appear here are my own.

❝I will not set fire to myself
to keep you warm.❞

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R.I.P. Miguel and Shaka


This is one of the most heart-breaking stories I have ever heard.

It is just too tragic to be true. My heart breaks for this helpless, loving mother has to live a life of regret and guilt, all because of something she had absolutely no control over. I really hope she has a supportive family that can help her get through this. 

In honor of young Miguel, his brother Shaka, and their beautiful mother, Samira, try to be a little more patient the next time you are taking care of a child, and remember how greatly they love you.

I have this thing that shows me a map of who looks at my blog, and people in twelve different countries (even Malta!?) look at my blog. So cool! Made me feel so good!

I am Never Hesitating Ever Again!

The moment I begin to feel negatively towards people as a whole, life surprises me and introduces a remarkable human in to my life [and I just love that!] I swear, once I stop actively looking for cool people to be friends with, I find them.

To make a long & detailed story short:
-my dog, Daisy, & I discovered a hidden beach the other day
-there was a random person sitting alone watching the sunset
-we made awkward eye contact & I felt dumb
-I turned to leave, but instead forced myself to say ‘hello’
-he turned out to be EXTREMELY kind & friendly
-we ended up talking for over 2 hours & had 2.9 billion things in common (including Wwoofing!)

Never hesitate to say hello! I would be so mad if I knew I all I was risking was a few seconds of awkwardness in order to meet such a terrific person!

I accidentally shot my family reunion over a roll of film that I shot at an old train yard months ago.

I was heart broken at first, but then I realized this is what shooting film is all about! lovelytreetops